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The magic of Baccalà.

Start your journey with a taste from a dish based on Baccalà: we choose only the finest quality fish.


What to choose, sea food salad or a spread?

From a classic salad with squid, octopus and shrimp to a cream of hake, ready for spreading.


Cuttlefish and sardines like once upon a time.

Here you can taste our famous cuttlefish stew and sardines prepared according to our Veneto tradition.


Such tasty cheese.

Enrico Catuzzo’s products: cheeses and caciotta prepared using traditional wisdom.


Not just any Frico.

We’ve taken inspiration from the Friuli Frico and changed it. Now you have a dish which is tasty yet light.


We are ever present.
For generations we have worked in the field of gastronomy preparing dishes from the region of Veneto.

Our strength is the family: women and men who, since 1985, have been preparing and selling local, traditional cheeses in the markets of Friuli and Veneto. Our company invests in the careful selection of raw ingredients and new culinary ideas, keenly aware of changes in taste over time.

What do you want to bring to the table today?

Our method is passion.

Our method is simple and it’s the strength behind our company. We select only the finest ingredients, personally and only from our trusted suppliers and we process them with great care, using our historical knowledge, advanced technology and great passion for our work. We have the know-how and modern equipment allowing us to be innovative in our traditions.




You’ll find us online but also in your neighbourhood. See where and when you can visit us at the market.

A special mention to Baccalà.

There’s no denying that Baccalà is one of our strengths. We select it every year directly from our trips to Norway and we process it using a unique technique.

We spend time making it tender, tasty, perfect for the very best recipes. It’s a world that needs to be discovered in order to understand the love we put into our Baccalà dishes.

Our blog.

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